April 4, 2024

‘Put America On Commission Act’ Would Protect Whistleblowers, Remedying Fraud

WASHINGTON – This week, the IRS its investigation into nearly $9 billion in COVID pandemic relief fraud. As government agencies continue efforts to recover money lost through fraud within pandemic relief programs, Government Accountability Project that is crucial for full success in recovering these funds.

The Put America On Commission Act (H.R. 7129) would amend the Small Business Act to establish the Office of Whistleblower Awards, which would not only provide relief and rewards for whistleblowers, but also create laws against retaliation to protect those who come forward with information. The Small Business Administration has estimated that $200 billion was fraudulently taken from pandemic lending programs. Introduced by Rep. Roger Williams (R-TX), the bill has striking bipartisan support. This legislation has already unanimously passed the House Committee on Small Business; the bill was co-sponsored by every Republican on the Committee, along with every Democratic committee member voting in favor of it on January 31. The legislation has been reported out and is ready for a vote.

Government Accountability Project Legal Director, Tom Devine, worked closely with Congressional staffers to share his expertise in whistleblower legislation for the anti-retaliation provisions in the legislation.  He commented,

“Every study has confirmed that whistleblowers are the best resource that exists against fraud, waste, and abuse. American taxpayers deserve the truth. What they don’t deserve is having their hard-earned money stolen by fraudsters who take advantage of relief funds. Taking taxpayers off the hook for the mismanagement of federal funds is not a partisan issue and requires protecting whistleblowers against retaliation. When Members of Congress return to work next week, passing the Put America On Commission Act is a no-brainer.”

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