WASHINGTON—A Government Accountability Project investigation into misconduct by employees of Sallyport Global, a security contracting company hired at Balad Air Base in Iraq, uncovered:

A racial caste system mirroring Apartheid
Contractors posting David Duke videos and pro-Apartheid propaganda
Dogs and cats starved to death on the base
Security failures and attempts to cheat security inspections
Contractors built a military base for an Iranian militia
Corruption and theft

Our investigation was published in partnership with The Daily Beast. The article, “U.S. Paid $1B to Contractor Accused of Bigotry at Iraq Air Base,” by the Government Accountability Project’s Zack Kopplin and Irvin McCullough, can be read here.

This article, based on interviews with 17 current and former Sallyport employees, follows previous reports of other problems on base, revealed by Sallyport-hired investigators in early 2017.

But this investigation is just the tip of the iceberg. “We heard credible stories about further problems at Balad, including more animal abuse, assaults and sexual harassment,” said Kopplin. “We hope other Sallyport employees will contact us to help us verify those.”

If you are interested in covering our investigation, booking our investigators on a show or podcast, or would like to learn more about Balad, please contact the Government Accountability Project’s Communications Director, Andrew Harman, by email at [email protected] or by phone at (202) 457-0034 ext. 156.

But at minimum, we hope you share this investigation on social media and with anyone you think might be interested, because even with the drama in Washington, this deserves our attention.

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