Your visit has given us the opportunity to have class discussions about what each of us is willing to stand up for. I wish I could express in words how transformative these discussions have been. I’ve been able to see some of my quietest classmates get angry and speak up about an issue they believe in. I don’t know that these discussions would have happened without your visit.

–Student, School of Social Work, UT-Austin

I am a seasoned and skeptical lawyer who has plenty of experience in dealing with tough situations. But we were not prepared for the powerful impact of those personal stories. I am sure I am not the only one who left the scene feeling exhausted, enlightened, elevated, and in the end, inspired to have the courage to do more.

–Prof. Terry Foster, Albers School of Business and Economics, Seattle University

Initially I thought people were turning minute issues into finger pointing of who was wrong and right. Now I know the people who choose to blow the whistle are true public servants who made decisions to protect the public’s interest.

–Student, Rutgers University

These are serious issues and the public has little or no appreciation of how important whistleblowing protection is for the individual and society. Lots of people in business/government do not act, do not come forward to expose the truth.

–Professor, Indiana Univ-Bloomington

[The presentation] helped me come to terms with my own experiences of whistleblowing.

–MBA student, Stanford University

This is one of my favorite events that Auburn puts on. The speakers were excellent and informative last year and this year! Please come back. Even though I will have graduated, events like these are great for students.

–Student, Auburn University

It was a great privilege to be on the same stage with those heroes.  One could hear a pin drop when Jesselyn [Radack] and Tom [Drake] were speaking.  I think our students were shocked at the behavior of their government.  As I said, it was the most extraordinary night the [Hergenhan Auditorium] has seen.  Thanks for including me.

-David Rubin, Dean Emeritus, S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University

I had a negative perception of whistleblowing, but now I understand the importance of speaking up. I have a newfound respect for whistleblowers.

–Student, Florida International University

The emails congratulating us on pulling off a great whistleblowing event at WVU are still coming in and I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for helping to make our event such a huge success! As one of my colleagues said, what Rick [Piltz], Jack [Spadaro] and Wilma [Subra] had to say last night was very inspiring to students who often don’t realize what they, as individuals, can do to make a difference. And my colleagues tell me that Jack, Rick, Wilma and Louis’ [Clark] visits to our classrooms were also extremely valuable. I could tell just from looking at my students’ faces how impressed they were with Wilma and her courage.

–Alison Bass, Assistant Professor of Journalism, West Virginia University

I met you last night after the panel at James Madison University. I wanted to just say thank you for coming to our campus and sharing these incredible stories. Your work and your organization is what continues to inspire my generation to fight for injustices in our country and around the world. Although there is a long way to go on the protection of Whistleblowers, the progress that has been set in motion thus far is something to be recognized and commended. Thank you again for your time.

–Student, James Madison University