Amanda Hitt is the Director of GAP’s Food Integrity Campaign (FIC). Amanda oversees FIC operations and is responsible for ensuring that FIC fulfills its mission of enhancing food integrity by facilitating truth telling. To do this, Amanda works closely with partner organizations, clients, legislators, and the media to alter the balance of power between the food industry and consumers. She acts to protect the rights of those who speak out against the practices that compromise food integrity, and empower whistleblowers and food activists.

Amanda has a background in both law and public health. She graduated cum laude from the University of Baltimore School of Law and received her Master of Public Health from Johns Hopkins. She has clerked for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, worked in private practice, and taught as an Adjunct Professor of Law. In addition to her work as a lawyer, Amanda has worked on Alzheimer’s clinical trial studies at the National Institutes of Health, HIV risk communications for the University of Maryland, and served as a domestic violence research interviewer for the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Before joining GAP in 2008, Amanda worked as a fellow for the Family Violence Prevention Fund (now Futures Without Violence) and authored a peer-reviewed law journal article that advocated for the use of public health tools for legal decision making.

Currently serving on the Board of Directors for the Food Ingredient Health Research Institute, Amanda is admitted to practice law in Washington, DC and Maryland.

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