While numerous whistleblowers face life-ruining felony charges for disclosing information in the public’s interest, “Mr. Petraeus stands to emerge largely unscathed despite the extraordinarily poor judgment he showed while serving in one of the nation’s most critical national security jobs.”

Gen. Petraeus’s Light Punishment
New York Times


GAP’s Jesselyn Radack discusses Petraeus’s cushy plea agreement, and his new role as an advisor to the White House on matters of foreign policy.

A Double Standard on Leaks? As Whistleblowers Jailed, Petraeus Escapes Prison & Advises White House
Democracy Now!


“What’s fascinating – and so symptomatic about how politics works – is that his crime has barely registered on the public radar, and has been met by a shrug in the highest echelons of government.”

David Petraeus is more equal than others
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