Here is John Kiriakou’s last segment on Chris Hayes. Mr. Kiriakou discusses his time in prison, and the need for reform. Still jaw dropping that those who ordered and perpetrated torture were never prosecuted, but the person who exposed it was.

Former CIA officer reflects on prison



Why aren’t the leaders and organizers of the U.S. Torture program being prosecuted? John Kiriakou answers that question in an interview with Huff Post Live.

Whistleblower: Government Lacks The ‘Guts’ To Charge U.S. Leaders With Torture
Huff Po Live


GAP client, Aicha Elbasri, blew the whistle on a “media blackout” and alleged UN Cover up of rampant rape and murder in Sudan.

Elbasri found a UN operation “that failed to protect civilians and peacekeepers, and that actively covered up all sides’ responsibility for the rising number of killings.” This is obviously torture for victims and their families.

Darfur Whistleblower: UN Engaged in “War Keeping”
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