This Tuesday (Nov 13) the postponed ceremony for the Callaway Awards will take place at Carnegie Institution Building in DC. You’re all invited!

The 2012 Joe. A. Callaway Awards for Civic Courage are presented by the Shafeek Nader Trust for the Community Interest and will honor CIA torture whistleblower John Kiriakou, and NSA whistleblowers William Binney and J. Kirk Wiebe. All three recipients are GAP clients: national security whistleblowers who stood up for constitutional rights and American values, at great risk to their personal and professional lives.

The ceremony was originally scheduled for October 30, but was postponed due to the extreme weather conditions. The postponed event will take place at the same location, the Carnegie Institution Building, 1530 P Street NW at 6 p.m.

If you would like to attend, please contact Monica Giannone of the Shafeek Nader Trust at 202.387.8030 or [email protected].

The Shafeek Nader Trust for the Community Interest administers the Callaways Awards, which were established by Mr. Callaway in 1990. These honors seek to recognize courageous individuals who act on their integrity despite personal risk, take a public stance to advance truth and justice, and challenge prevailing conditions to pursue the public interest and common good. More about the Callaway Awards can be found at

You can learn more about the winners here. We hope to see you there!


Hannah Johnson is Communications Associate for the Government Accountabilit Project, the nation’s leading whistleblower protection and advocacy organization.