Dr. Aubrey Blumsohn

In early 2006, Dr. Blumsohn, a senior faculty member at Sheffield University, blew the whistle on data concealment and manipulation performed on behalf of Procter & Gamble (P&G) for the company’s osteoporosis drug, Actonel. The popular medication was primarily used by post-menopausal women to strengthen bones and help prevent fractures. Blumsohn, the intended lead author on a P&G commissioned study, exposed data that actually disproved P&G’s therapeutic claims for Actonel, stating that the company used his name in medical reports despite his not having full access to data sets — information that he repeatedly ask for. Government Accountability Project represented Dr. Blumsohn and set up meetings between him and multiple congressional officials concerned with consumer safety and scientific integrity in order to raise awareness of this crucial issue. Dr. Blumsohn testified before Congressional officials and journalists about data concealment and manipulation.