Investigative Journalism Crisis
Survey Results In

Project Word surveyed nearly 250 freelance investigative reporters in March, 2014. Thanks to the support of generous contributors, Project Word today released the results of its national survey on freelance investigative reporting.

The upshot: stories are disappearing. Over the past five years inadequate support for  respondents alone has deprived the public of 500 to 1,000 investigative stories. The report takes a hard look at the data, along with some 40 pages of comments, many of them pointed and passionate. The survey is being covered today in the Columbia Journalism Review.

Independent reporting has long been an essential ingredient to an open, democratic society. In addition to depicting the challenges freelancers face, the report recommends ways to sustain their work—starting with solutions from freelancers themselves.

For the survey results, click here. Thank you for supporting Project Word.

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