If you thought warrantless wiretapping by our own intelligence community was bad enough, Reuters reports that documents released by NSA whistleblower and GAP client Edward Snowden show Canada has “its own globe-spanning Internet surveillance” dragnet that covers countries including the United States and United Kingdom.

Snowden files show Canada spy agency runs global Internet watch: CBC

Still, the Canadians aren’t the only ones monitoring computers around the globe. Snowden recently disclosed a program “used by U.S. and British spies to record computer keystrokes [that] was part of sophisticated hacking operations in more than a dozen countries.” The technology, called QWERTY, is almost identical to a malware platform called “Regin.” Kaspersky researchers have stated that this platform is “…one of the most sophisticated attack platforms we have ever analyzed.”

A Spying Program Edward Snowden Leaked Was Used In More Than A Dozen Countries
Business Insider

Edward Snowden hasn’t stopped at exposing violations of our fundamental privacy rights, but has come close to openly debating leaders within the intelligence community. Snowden appeared earlier this week via secure video connection at a public event held at Harvard, in which he “came as close as possible to a live debate” with the current Director of the NSA’s Commercial Solutions Center. Snowden noted, “the NSA is virtually unregulated,” but the employees “are not bad people, but a culture for impunity develops.”

Edward Snowden Wins ‘Debate’ With NSA Lawyer

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In Minnesota, a judge dismissed a challenge on the release of EPA factory farm data. Blocking this data would have hindered the EPA’s ability to release public information about polluting factory farms to citizens and groups concerned about clean water.

Jeffrey Gulley, Food and Public health Counsel for the Government Accountability Project said in a statement, “we’re grateful that the judge saw through industry’s improper attempt to keep their polluting ways in the dark. Hopefully this ruling will enable the public to hold this industry accountable for the damage it continues to inflict on waterways and communities in almost every state in the country.”

AFBF, Pork Producers’ farmer privacy lawsuit dismissed
Farm Futures Food

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