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Covid-19: How We’re Responding

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus spread to the US in January 2020 and following the economic shutdown and stay-at-home orders, Government Accountability Project has been working with whistleblowers seeking to alert the public and our elected officials about Covid-related misconduct, fraud, and abuse of authority. Two of our clients Drs. Scott Allen and Jody Rich blew the whistle on the threat the spread of Covid-19 in ICE detention facilities represented to immigrants lives and local health settings. They sent a letter to Congress, and CNN reported their disclosure that Covid represented a “Tinderbox Scenario.” Dr. Allen later testified before the Senate Judiciary committee regarding health risks to immigrants held in detention. We also have been working with many other whistleblowers whose remain anonymous at this time to amplify their disclosures about the failed federal response to the international pandemic. To learn more about our current clients, visit our current clients page. 

How to Report Covid Wrongdoing

Report Covid-Related Wrongdoing Today!

  • Have you witnessed Covid-related wrongdoing in the workplace? We can help you make a difference.
  • If you have any questions about our intake process or who we can help, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • If you need help blowing the whistle, fill out our in-take form today.

Covid Media Center

Press Statement: Department of Health and Human Services Affirms Government Accountability Project Clients’ Disclosures of Unsafe Conditions Inside Emergency Intake Sites

For Immediate Release: June 24, 2022  Department of Health and Human Services Affirms Government Accountability Project Clients’ Disclosures of Unsafe Conditions Inside Emergency Intake Sites  WASHINGTON—On Wednesday, June 22nd, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Inspector General released a report affirming the disclosures of several clients of the Government Accountability Project, federal employees who volunteered on detail at various Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) Emergency Intake Sites (EIS), finding that ORR did [...]

Press Release: The Essential Role of Whistleblowers in Countering COVID-19 Disinformation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:April 27, 2022The Essential Role of Whistleblowers in Countering COVID-19 DisinformationGovernment Accountability Project and Manchester Metropolitan University publish landmark report.WASHINGTON – A new report co-published by Government Accountability Project and Manchester Metropolitan University entitled The Critical Role that Whistleblowers Play in Countering COVID-19 Disinformation, tracks COVID-19 related whistleblower cases around the world and analyzes the significant role that whistleblowers played in countering disinformation about COVID-19 to protect the public interest.  Fraudsters and disinformation instigators who thrive on [...]

MSNBC: Abuse of migrant children didn’t start with Trump. It didn’t end with him, either.

Abuse of migrant children didn't start with Trump. It didn't end with him, either. This article features Government Accountability Project and was originally published here. A 2011 investigation by the Applied Research Center exposed how the federal government’s mistreatment of migrant children included separating them from their families, concluding that more than 5,000 children living in foster care had been prevented from reuniting with parents who had been either detained or deported. President Barack Obama called [...]

Press Release: Government Accountability Project Raises Ongoing Concerns about Treatment of Unaccompanied Immigrant Children at HHS Emergency Intake Sites

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 5, 2022 Government Accountability Project Raises Ongoing Concerns about Treatment of Unaccompanied Immigrant Children at HHS Emergency Intake Sites In the Face of Increasing Numbers in HHS Custody, Past Whistleblower Disclosures Remain Unanswered WASHINGTON—Today, Government Accountability Project called on Congress and federal oversight agencies to investigate and assess whether the horrific conditions at the Fort Bliss Emergency Intake Site (EIS) and other EISs for unaccompanied migrant children reported by multiple [...]

Our Covid Response

Following the guidance of Mayor Muriel Bowser and CDC guidelines for social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government Accountability Project team has moved to remote working for the foreseeable future. Our staff continues to work tirelessly to champion whistleblowers and make sure every disclosure makes a difference. The Government Accountability Project team has been working to amplify whistleblowers’ disclosures on many fronts during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Education & Partnerships: We’re educating whistleblowers and the public about their rights at a time when disclosures are critical to protect lives. We’re publishing new resources, like this one-stop guide for federal workers, “Truth-Telling in Government: A Guide for Federal Employees, Contractors, and Grantees.”
  • Legislation: Our team has been working with allies in Congress to ensure whistleblower protections are included in coronavirus-related legislation and to make sure the billions of dollars that the legislature has allocated for the Covid-19 response are accountably spent.
  • Litigation & Representation: We are representing Covid whistleblowers, assisting them in preparing for Congressional testimony, and making sure that those who speak up are protected from retaliation.

  • Investigation: We are investigating instances of Covid-related misconduct and working with journalists to share our clients’ disclosures with the American public.

Covid Resources

Truth-Telling in Government: A Guide to Whistleblowing for Federal Employees, Contractors, & Grantees 

Our government’s integrity depends on the commitment and effort of millions of federal employees, contractors and grantees around the world. Those same workers are in the best position to learn when decisions and actions deviate from the core mission and responsibilities of government, be it through corruption, failing to comply with laws and regulations, wasting taxpayer money, jeopardizing public health and safety, or otherwise abusing the public trust.

Just in the past year alone, government whistleblowers have exposed abuse of migrants in detention centers, risks to food safety from contaminated pork, President Trump’s efforts to pressure Ukraine to announce an investigation into a political rival, and problems with the government’s response to the coronavirus. Through whistleblowing, ethical truth-tellers provide public service through their speech. But exercising those rights often comes with professional risk.

Government Accountability Project’s newest resource seeks to help federal government employees, contractors, and grantees–across all agencies and issues—who have discovered serious abuses of public trust and need guidance about their rights, risks and options.

Whether you have yet to raise concerns or have already made disclosures, this guide is the first step for  navigating the complex path of whistleblowing safely and effectively.

Download your free copy.

For additional resources about whistleblowing, visit

Sr. Counsel Dana Gold interviews whistleblowers Drs. Scott Allen and Jody Rich

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