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70 Groups Urge Congress to Vote Immediately to Impeach President Trump for Inciting Violent Mob Attack on Capitol

January 11, 2021 Dear Representative: Our 70 organizations call on you and your House colleagues to act immediately to impeach President Trump. On January 6, 2021 President Trump incited a seditious, criminal mob to attack the United States Capitol. The attack resulted in the Capitol being invaded, trashed, and ransacked; in the death of five [...]

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Statement from Government Accountability Project on Violent Sedition Efforts to Undermine Democracy

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 06, 2021 Statement from Government Accountability Project on Violent Sedition Efforts to Undermine Democracy  WASHINGTON—Today, thousands of domestic terrorists descended on the nation’s capitol building, violently disrupting the Electoral College vote count. For weeks President Trump and his allies have been refusing to accept the clear and lawful results of the [...]

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Government Executive: Viewpoint: Whistleblowers are Democracy’s Last Defense

Whistleblowers are Democracy's Last Defense This article was written by Government Accountability Project's Senior Counsel, Dana Gold, and was originally published here. Despite unprecedented partisanship and politicization, voting for the 2020 presidential election proceeded with few reports of difficulty, a testament to the strength of our democratic institutions. However, instead of conceding the election, the Trump [...]

A History of Standing Up for Democracy

A History of Standing Up for Democracy Government Accountability Project was co-founded more than 40 years ago by Louis Clark as a place for whistleblowers—individuals who choose to disclose information about serious abuses that violate public trust—to come for support and protection. Whistleblowers often serve as sources of inspiration due to their ability to show [...]

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